Zigong Lantern Enterprises Debut at the 2022 Asian Parks and


       ——Zigong Lantern Enterprises Debut at the 2022 Asian Parks and Attractions Expo
       From August 10th to 12th, the 2022 Asia Parks and Attractions Expo will be held in Guangzhou. Exhibits such as "Glowing Talking Tree", "Antoine Robot", "Simulated Elephant", "Prehistoric Jungle Triceratops", "Riding Allosaurus" and "Raptor" brought by our city's lantern companies were invited to participate in the exhibition.

       It is reported that as an annual cultural and tourism event, the 2022 Asia Parks and Attractions Expo has an exhibition area of ​​100,000 square meters and 1,500 exhibitors, which can meet indoor entertainment, theme parks, scenic spots, hot spring resorts, sports venues, etc. New demand for product sourcing in tourist destinations.
       At the exhibition site, buyers and professional visitors shuttled in front of the booths of various exhibitors, or inquired to see products, or tried to experience, or negotiated cooperation. The exhibition organizing committee also organized more targeted and efficient docking and exchange meetings between exhibitors and buyers, focusing on expanding new sales channels for enterprises under the epidemic, and helping enterprises to develop integrated domestic and foreign trade.
       The 3.5-meter-high "luminous talking tree" is activated by infrared sensors and can blink, move eyebrows, turn eyeballs, and open and close mouth; the 4-meter-long "riding Allosaurus" can ride a child, and it can also make Blinking, tail swinging, body moving up and down, etc.; "Anthony Robot" can perform various actions such as mouth opening and closing, nodding, shoulder joint opening and closing and forward and backward rotation, elbow joint opening and closing, waist rotation, etc. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor scenic spot decoration , amusement parks and exhibition halls, etc.
       "Such an exhibition provides us with an interactive platform to learn and communicate, share product wisdom, and gain insight into new trends in the industry. From this, we can get more opportunities for cooperation and experience the new power of the industry's survival and development." The person in charge of the participating Zigong lantern companies said. .
Article source: Zigong Net

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