In the traditional festival culture of China, colored lights symbolize festivity and auspiciousness, so they are associated with festivals. With the cycle of the festival, the lanterns have aroused people's artistic admiration and desire to create, and promoted the development of the lantern art.

Development and innovation of colored lights

   Lantern art in modern art features
       Mr. Lu pintian defined in the complete collection of Chinese folk art · social fire volume · overview: "flower lamp also becomes' colorful lamp '", which is the art of festival and vulgar lamps and lanterns mainly for viewing
or decoration, as wellSocial fire has a relatively independent ornamental value and plays an important role in the carrier props. Legend has it that the lantern originated in the han dynasty, xing in the tang dynasty,
 has more than 2,000 years of history, tang xuanzong, lantern three nights. By the song dynasty, the lights were on for five nights, and jinghua was immersed in carnival. Over the past two thousand years, as a unique folk art, colored lanterns have enriched and improved their aesthetic quality and artistic form to varying degrees, continuously developed and innovated, and become a gorgeous flower of Chinese folk art. Is a comprehensive art deco lamp lights art, along with the social development, human innovation system concept, the lamp to create many varieties of lights, varieties of gradually formed a myriad of modern lights, by the lights, people can revisit national history, integration of national feelings, inheriting the national culture, and to realize a kind of culture has a long history of deep feeling, this solace, proud. How people feel about colored lights. It reflects the inheritance, innovation and development of colored lights, which meet the requirements of The Times.
         Lantern display has gone through the process from the court to the folk, from indoor to outdoor, with a strong individual arbitrate, the quality of lanterns, display scale is also very limited. Modern lantern art from the planning, design, construction, layout and exhibition are taking into account the aesthetic requirements and
 artistic characteristics of lanterns, and the integration of lights and scenery of the form of exhibition layou
t also promoted the development of lantern art. According to local conditions, colored lights usually choose public amusement places for exhibition, from the perspective of viewing, open in advance, strong visual impact; From the perspective of fire safety, it is convenient to evacuate people; From the artistic layout, rich in order, more importantly, it can be integrated into the architecture, garden landscaping, so that its characteristics play incisively and vividly. No matter the exquisite and unique craft lamps, or the magnificent and spectacular large groups of lamps, they will not be in the gardens and mountains, lakes and mountains, and the wonderful scenery reflected by the lamps and lanterns. People will resonate with each other while appreciating them and get great satisfaction and comfort emotionally.