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2021 Suining Shenglian Island Spring Festival Lantern Show


2021 Yibin Junlian County Government Gate Welcome Spring Lan

Event Name: 2021 Suining Shenglian Island Flower Appreciation and Lantern Festival Lunar New Year Lantern Exhibition
Location: Suining City, Sichuan Province
Activity background: Chinese New Year
Activity content: Traditional lanterns are the main presentation content. The lanterns cover traditional Chinese auspicious elements such as dragons, fortune and longevity, zodiac signs, swan, ox, etc., and also include the red theme culture of the new era. In addition to the features of the lanterns, they are also integrated Cultural activities such as flower exhibition, water curtain show, environmental art lighting, gourmet food, etc.
Activity scale: 50 sets of traditional lanterns, one water curtain show, one naked eye 3D
Part of the scene display: