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Liu Junbo, deputy general manager of the company's domestic


2019 Guang'an Taoyuan Yueye Cultural Tourism Picking Festiva
2020 Mianyang Yanting Lei Zu Spring Festival Lantern Festiva
——Liu Junbo, deputy general manager of the company's domestic business department, and his party inspect Mount Emei
On June 10, 2019, Liu Junbo, deputy general manager of the company's domestic business department and chairman of the labor union; Li Weiming, director of the online marketing department, visited Mount Emei and inspected Zigong Lushen Technology Co., Ltd. and Sichuan Aishang Huanqiu Wenchuang Technology Co., Ltd. The progress of the "Rural Huahai Cultural and Creative Park" project in Emeishan Yuenan Huaxiang jointly created by the company.
The project is located in Shengli Town, Emeishan City, where there are hundreds of acres of violets, snapdragons, Lubing flowers and other colorful romantic flowers, and there are various parent-child interactive experiences such as self-service barbecue, go-karting, fish-catching, and cruise.
It is better than a fairyland with smoke and flowers blooming. It attracts tourists to stop and admire, or scramble to take pictures. Everywhere is filled with the cheers and laughter of tourists, permeated with the warmth of family joy.
It not only integrates core elements such as flower sea sightseeing and new premium flowers, but also includes parent-child experience, leisure agriculture, snack food, and popular science research. Many groups of simulated animals, such as simulated dinosaurs, zebras, orangutans, and elephants, stand among the flowers and attract many tourists to take pictures.
Since its opening, it has been very popular. In the "Looking for the Most Scenic Spots in Sichuan" voting activity, the rankings remained high and ranked firmly in the forefront. In the next step, Lushen Technology and Ai Shang Huanqiu will focus on adding park lighting programs to create a "night tour complex" in the park. More exciting, so stay tuned.